ADs publishing Regulations

When you publish any ADs on ( E-Brokerage ), You acknowledge and commit to the advertising publishing regulations for real estate advertisements set by Real Estate General Authority as follows:


The following phrases and terms have the meanings indicated next to them:

  1. Real estate advertisement: Visual, written or audio advertising; For the purpose of selling or renting a property by any means, whether in a publication, billboard, electronic platform, etc.
  2. Flyer: Read, visual or audio publication in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, audio broadcasts, etc.
  3. Billboard: A printed or affixed sign or physical signboard fixed or mobile on lands, buildings or vehicles, Whether it is stand-alone or an attached part of the property.
  4. Advertiser: The applicant for real estate advertising, whether the advertisement is for himself or for others, by any means.
  5. Real estate platform: (Wasata platform) and other platforms, Or the application, website, or electronic account in any social media or the like.
  6. Commission: General Authority for Real Estate.


Without prejudice to the powers of the relevant authorities, In real estate advertising, the following must be adhered to:

  1. Ensure honesty and honesty.
  2. Stay away from anything that causes confusion or misleading the public.
  3. Commitment to official names, From cities, neighborhoods, streets and types of real estate, Common names may be added in addition to official names.
  4. It must contain – at a minimum – the following data:
    1. The text is an advertisement.
    2. Determine its purpose (sale, rent, or something else).
    3. Advertiser’s name and title (owner, authorized).
    4. The advertiser’s license number if he is a real estate office, marketer, or holder of a freelance document.
    5. The location of the property must contain – at a minimum – (city – district – plan number, if any).
    6. An effective means of communication with the advertiser.
    7. Disclosure of real estate data – at a minimum – according to the following:
      1. Property area.
      2. Existing disputes regarding it.
      3. A mortgage or restriction that prevents or limits the disposition of real estate.
      4. Rights on the property that are not documented in the property document.
      5. Information that affects the property, whether by reducing its value or influencing the target’s decision to advertise.
  5. If the announcement is for a real estate auction, it must include the auction license number, location, and conditions. and the date specified for his stay, and its time period, And the deadline for applying for the auction – if any -.​


The real estate advertisement on the electronic platform – in addition to the data contained in Clause (Second) – must contain the following data at a minimum:

  1. Description of the property, including its type, age and contents, What an effective description? like: The width of the street it is located on, the facade of the property, etc.
  2. Boundaries and lengths of the property.
  3. The required price for the property.​


Without prejudice to the powers of the relevant authorities, It is prohibited to include in a real estate advertisement any of the following:

  1. In violation of Islamic instructions or the regulations and instructions in the Kingdom.
  2. Offending modesty or violating prevailing norms.
  3. Exposure to competitors, private sector facilities, or others.
  4. Expressions or signs that imply discrimination against anyone, regardless of who they are.
  5. Pictures or data that do not relate to the advertised property.
  6. Misleading data or information about the property.
  7. Authority logo, or her name, Or any other government agency without their prior permission.​


It is prohibited to publish fake real estate advertisements. For the purpose of collecting data of recipients or the public, or any other purpose that does not aim to sell or rent the property.​


The Authority monitors compliance with the provisions of these controls. Referring the violator to the competent authorities to take legal action against them.​


The following are excluded from the application of the provisions of the controls:

  1. Announcement by government agencies.
  2. Announcement of sale or lease on the map.


​The regulations shall be published in the Official Gazette. It will come into effect after (90) days from the date of its publication.