(FAQ - about real estate brokerage)

The real estate brokerage process is a work system, through which the related parties are brought together, namely the buyer and the seller or the owner. The tenant and the real estate broker, who is considered the link in this system.

The Real Estate Brokerage system was approved by Royal Decree No. (M/130) dated 11/30/1443 AH, and Cabinet Resolution No. (679) and dated 11/29/1443 AH, to represent the most prominent capabilities of the General Real Estate Authority for the government and its digitization of the services and activities of the public sector. Real estate, to serve Beneficiaries, in line with the comprehensive strategy of the real estate sector, and making the real estate sector vibrant and attractive for a fertile environment For investment, and expanding the circle of fair competition, so as to enable the real estate sector to contribute to raising the domestic product, and diversifying sources of… Income, in order to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Yes, Monon Real Estate Establishment, licensed by the General Authority of Real Estate for real estate brokerage and marketing, number (1200018575)

(FAQ - about real estate marketing)

E-Real Estate marketing has become one of the most important means and methods of supply and demand for the real estate product via the Internet. Due to the advantages and characteristics of the global network that positively serve all the goals of electronic real estate marketing .

Through marketing research, creating a successful marketing plan, and reaching the right customer with the right products at the right time at the right price. appropriate, make some marketing decisions, and obtain the details of the products and services that the company is keen to Mala on its purchase.

In addition to the database of customer needs and desires, and opportunities in the real estate market, to help us reduce marketing costs and increase marketing efficiency. To work and know the economic changes, laws and legislation in the real estate market, which in turn affects the real estate market significantly. For direct or indirect.

With the new legislation and modern regulations that the General Authority for Real Estate implemented and announced earlier, Confirmation: Electronic real estate marketing has become safe for all parties. As the entire process takes place through linking with other government platforms that document the selling and offloading mechanisms electronically, it was Proof of the official national ID of the seller, buyer, or real estate broker.

(FAQ - about property management)

Typical property management is one of the pillars that contribute to the wheel of social and economic development, and has positive impacts as Beer in all economic, financial and production sectors. As assistance to the growth of properties, increasing their income and maintaining For origins.

The property management process is concerned with leasing and collection operations, managing tenants, real estate units, and property management work. Residential and commercial facilities.

Yes, Monon Real Estate is licensed to manage properties with a license from the General Authority for Real Estate for Property Management under number (2200001501).