Intellectual property


The purpose of this policy is to define the framework of the intellectual property policy of the Menoun Real Estate Corporation, to operate within it, so that the parties concerned will be fully aware of their rights and duties regarding intellectual property according to the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom.


  • Monon Real Estate:
    It is an individual institution licensed to provide brokerage, E- Real Estate marketing, and property management services.
    It is one of the services of (Monon Real Estate) through which real estate offers and advertisements are presented, marketed and managed.

  • User:
    It is the real or legal person in his legal capacity, whether a registered member, advertiser, or visitor, who has agreed to use E-BROKERAGE
    to benefit from the services provided by the platform. They are collectively referred to in this agreement as (Users).

  • Intellectual property:
    They are the outputs resulting from creative ideas, which include, but are not limited to, inventions, copyright, trademarks, copyrights, drawings, designs, models, specifications, concepts, processes, technologies, databases, trade names, trade secrets, etc..

  • Intellectual Property Policy:
    It is a set of administrative procedures and steps that are taken by (Monon Real Estate) to manage and organize intellectual property through its provided electronic services.

General goals

  • This policy does not conflict with the laws and regulations applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Consider and respect the intellectual property rights of other entities.
  • Awareness of national legislation and regulations related to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Protecting the intellectual property rights of (Monoon Real Estate Corporation), its employees, members and beneficiaries.
  • Avoid infringements on the intellectual property rights of others.

Tasks and procedures

  • Striving to protect and register the institution’s intellectual property rights, and follow up on procedures and financial obligations.
  • Ensure that published advertisements do not violate any intellectual property, privacy, publicity or other legal rights of any person or entity.
  • Ensure that advertisers have all the necessary rights and powers for all elements of their advertisements and maintain their confidentiality as much as possible in order to preserve the intellectual property rights of the published advertisement.
  • Ensure that no advertisement is published that is similar in text, image, or other identifying features to other advertisements.
  • (Monon Real Estate) has all Rights to take any legal action that would preserve what falls within its intellectual property, whether text, logo, system, or advertisement.
  • When publishing the advertisement, this does not mean any association or endorsement by (Monon Real Estate) because of the silver or graphic texts it contains, copies, quotations, or any form of infringement of the intellectual property rights of other parties, and the advertiser remains the first and last responsible before the judicial authorities.
  • If you determine that your copyright, trademark, or rights of publicity have been violated by any advertisement posted by us, we encourage you to attempt to contact the advertiser directly. And report alleged violations of intellectual property rights to us through the Contact Us form.
  • Advertisements are not allowed to include any forms that are modified or confusingly similar to the trademark you own (Monon Real Estate). We invite you to review the privacy policy for further clarifications in this regard.


All intellectual property systems in the Kingdom include articles on litigation procedures, enforcement of rights, and objections to the decisions of parties granting protection documents. Cases of infringement are defined as any action taken by the infringer of acts of exploitation stipulated in the law without the written consent of the owner of the right, as the public judiciary has jurisdiction within the commercial departments. Considering civil and criminal lawsuits arising from violations of the provisions of the copyright protection system, the system of patents, plant varieties, industrial designs, schematic designs for integrated circuits, and the Gulf trademark system. The committees for resolving intellectual property disputes are also specialized in considering grievances and appeals against the decisions of the competent authorities to reject a grant request. Protection documents or their registration. The regulations have guaranteed the right to appeal the decisions of these committees before the Administrative Court at the Board of Grievances, as well as in cases requesting the cancellation of trademarks.