Based on the principle of “the customer is always right”, we are happy to receive customer complaints and inquiries related to any service of the (Monon Real Estate), according to the mechanisms and policies described below:

Policies for receiving complaints:

The policy of receiving complaints stipulates that they are directly related to any service of the (Monon Real Estate) and in its field of work and activities described on the (About Us) page only.
Customer complaints and inquiries are received through the technical support team, which refers the ticket to the relevant department for processing in accordance with the regulatory procedures according to the jurisdiction, taking into account the following to ensure that the complaint is submitted in an acceptable manner, and that the complaint in question is quickly addressed:

  • Complaints that occurred within a period NOT EXCEEDING 10 WORKING DAYS from the time of their occurrence will be considered.
  • Some complaints that have exceeded the prescribed period, in point No. 1, will be considered exceptionally when they are related to financial transactions, as they are not subject to the statute of limitations.
  • Any person, in his legal capacity, has the right to submit a complaint, whether he is a registered member of the Menon Real Estate Foundation website, or a visitor.
  • When a visitor submits a complaint, we are happy and honored to introduce himself, an address and phone number for contact, and then list the disputed complaint clearly and with all the details so that we can study it more quickly.
  • With what was previously stated, it is best to attach any documents, mailings, or documents confirming the validity of his complaint.
  • When the complaint is accepted by the technical support team, the customer will be informed of the specific date for receiving an official response. The period to study any complaint shall not exceed 5 working days once all evidence and documents supporting the complaint are available.
  • If the complaint is rejected, the customer will be informed of this with the reasons attached, with his full right to escalate the complaint and reopen the ticket whenever he deems it necessary.

Process for dealing with complaints:

The Process vary depending on the nature of the complaint, its details, and its procedural identity, as follows:

  • Financial and administrative complaints related to the procedures, policies and dealings of the Monon Real Estate.
  • Technical complaints related to our website and services that affecting to provide the required services to customers correctly.